The ingredients in our seasonings have numerous health benefits. Even the small amount of sugar in the Steak Seasoning and the Sweet Sarah blend can be beneficial. All of our products are prepared and packaged by hand for quality. Each container is filled with approximately one (1) cup of product. Care is used to make sure content volume is precise, however, it is possible for a container to be +/- a few grams. Just because a container looks slightly fuller than another does not mean it contains more product. Shipping and handling will cause some product to settle more than others.

In an effort to keep our product as natural as possible, we do not use any anti-clumping agents. This may cause minor clumping of some ingredients, especially in the steak seasoning as it contains brown sugar. These are easily broken up with a good shake (of a closed container) or by breaking them up with a clean fork or other clean utensil.

All of our blends are salt-free unless otherwise stated. This allows those on restricted diets to enjoy our seasonings, too. If you prefer salt in your seasoning, it can be added at the same time you add our product to whatever you are cooking, grilling, etc. Personally, I prefer to marinate most meats in a salt brine (4-5 parts water to 1 part salt) for 2-12 hours depending on the cut of meat. This also helps to tenderize the meat. It's also a good idea to soak meat in plain water for 2 hours just prior to cooking, grilling, etc. to remove excess salt.

We are a small operation with product quality as our main goal. While South Dakota has no inspection requirements for dried seasonings, protocols are implemented. Masks and gloves are worn. Separate mixing containers are used for each product, and they are cleaned before and after each use. The facility is also cleaned before each production run. In addition, lot numbers are used in case of any supplier recalls on spices used. While the shelf life of seasonings stored in a dark and dry place are generally considered indefinite, we recommend a maximum of about two years for best results.

We generally ship on Fridays and Saturdays, while producing our product Mondays thru Thursdays. To meet our shipping deadline, orders we receive on Wednesdays and Thursdays may not ship till the following week. This often depends on the size of the order and amount of stock on hand (which is intentionally kept low to insure our product is as fresh as possible).